Binotto: "I'm no longer the technical director at Ferrari"

02-08-2020 20:13 | Updated: 03-08-2020 06:47
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Binotto: I'm no longer the technical director at Ferrari

Since the departure of Maurizio Arrivabene, Mattia Binotto has had a double role at Ferrari: that of team principal and technical director. According to the Italian, this has now come to an end.

When Arrivabene was the team boss at Ferrari, Mattia Binotto fulfilled the role of technical director. After the resignation of Arrivabene, Binotto was moved up one place and was allowed to lead the team. However, he also kept his old role, which gave him two important positions within Ferrari.

That double role clearly didn't work. The team has fallen significantly in the rankings and can no longer come close to Red Bull Racing, let alone Mercedes. Ferrari has therefore taken measures. "I'm no longer the technical director, I'm just the team principal now", the Italian says in an interview with RTL Germany.

Looking for new faces

Binotto also let us know in the conversation that the team is looking for new staff. Ferrari is however not only looking for applicants with Italian nationality. "At Ferrari, we're mainly looking for the right people," said the team boss. It is clear that there have been big changes at Ferrari after the dramatic start of the season.

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