"Verstappen drove to third place in a car worse than Racing Point"

13-07-2020 09:09
by GPblog.com
Verstappen drove to third place in a car worse than Racing Point

For Max Verstappen the third place at the Styrian Grand Prix was the maximum possible. The Dutchman was clearly slower than the two Mercedes drivers, but he was also a lot faster than his team mate Alex Albon. Peter Windsor looks back on the performance of the Dutchman on the Red Bull Ring and is very pleased with what he has achieved.

"My favorite moment in the race was the fight between Valtteri Bottas and Verstappen. Both had problems with the car, Bottas had problems with the back of his car and Verstappen had problems with the front wing. In addition, his rear tires were worn out and he complained about the driveability of his car," Windsor explains in a video on his Youtube channel.

Worse than Racing Point

"It looked like Valtteri just drove there with DRS and simply passed him on the straight, but Max went right past him for second place. Really great driven by Max, not aggressive at all". The Dutchman managed to stay in control and keep his options open. "He managed to position his car in exactly the right position, giving Valtteri no option but to stay behind him." 

"In the end, Valtteri was smart enough to overtake him one lap later." Windsor also noticed that Albon couldn't drive away from Sergio Perez and that it even became a duel between Red Bull Racing and Racing Point. "Verstappen did the best he could. He drove a car that was probably even worse than Racing Point, but he got a strong third place out of it," Windsor concluded.

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