Kvyat: "It's not good of Ocon to just drive people off the track"

06-07-2020 16:20
by GPblog.com
Kvyat: It's not good of Ocon to just drive people off the track

Not only for the Red Bull Racing the first Grand Prix of 2020 was one to quickly forget. Nine drivers dropped out during the race, including Daniil Kvyat. With four laps to go he parked his car on the side of the track after his left rear tyre went flat. The Russian indicates to Racefans.net that the puncture did not happen by itself.

The driver of AlphaTauri was fighting with Esteban Ocon in the closing stages of the race, with Frenchman Kvyat pushing just off the track. "Everything happened suddenly. It's not good for Ocon to just drive people off the track, to be honest. I could be a little more patient myself, but in the end it's a disappointing day."

Ocon blames Kvyat

However, the Renault driver is not aware of any harm and even indicates that Kvyat was wrong. "I just looked back at all the actions and you could see it was all very close between the two of us. He was on new softs and I was driving on old hards. So there was a difference in grip". Although Kvyat had more grip on the track, the Russian chose to overtake in a dangerous place. 

"To catch up on the outside of turn six is very challenging. It is clearly a dangerous action. We got close, but we didn't hit each other. But Daniil did hit the outside of the kerbstone and they don't admit it. That's probably why he fell out," Ocon concluded.

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