Newey: Very pleased with Max Verstappen's attitude

Newey: "Very pleased with Max Verstappen's attitude"

05-06-2020 14:21

If we may believe the performance during the winter test, this year's championship will be between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. Adrian Newey is in any case very enthusiastic about the team's new car, according to Eddie Jordan.

In a month's time the Formula 1 season will finally start, with two Grands Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. The last two years Red Bull Racing has done good business there, with both times a victory for Max Verstappen. The only question is whether that will happen again this year.

In any case Adrian Newey is hopeful, says Eddie Jordan. "He's very excited about the RB16. He has studied the car very well this year and he is also very enthusiastic about Honda", the former team boss says in conversation with Peter Windsor. The Japanese engine manufacturer has made great strides in the first year together with RBR.

A good team player in Verstappen

There is also another factor why Newey has a lot of hope for the coming season. "He's very positive about Max Verstappen's attitude at the moment. He is a strong team player and together with Alex Albon they form a good team. Adrian thinks they will be good right from the start of the season".

Whether all that is enough to win the Grand Prix of Austria right away and make a good start towards a possible title remains to be seen. Jordan himself still has his doubts about it. "It will be interesting to see the standings after the first few races. Red Bull has always been strong in Austria, but that doesn't mean they will win both races. We'll have to wait and see", Jordan concluded.

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