Daniel Ricciardo: Formula 1 is sometimes "not the nicest sport" after Renault DQ

25-10-2019 09:15
by Bobby Vincent
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Daniel Ricciardo: Formula 1 is sometimes not the nicest sport after Renault DQ

Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has admitted Formula 1 can be a difficult sport sometimes, after he and his team-mate Nico Hulkenberg were both stripped of the points they scored at the Japanese Grand Prix due to the team's braking system.

The French team had an illegal braking system at Suzuka, after Racing Point launched an appeal against their rivals immediately after the race in Japan. Ricciardo had something very similar two races before, where he was disqualified from the qualifying results after his MGU-K was deemed too powerful.

"That probably (goes for) a lot of sports (Formula 1 being tough)," Ricciardo explained. "But this sport in particular because there's so many variables and so many things can go wrong.

"Now I feel great and I feel like the weekend is going to be awesome. But maybe something happens and it isn't. There's so many things that can take away from you. So for that, it's sometimes not the nicest sport.

"I've said that a few times. But deep down, I love it. I love the challenge of it. Even (after) what happened yesterday (Wednesday) with the result in Japan. Now, I see it in the team, yes, we're angry and frustrated but we're all just like, well, screw this, let's go and get those points we lost. It's motivation.

"You use the bad days as motivation. I think that's the best thing. And the good days, you appreciate them, and I think it's important to celebrate the good days."

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