How did Ferrari solve their major 2019 weakness?

25-09-2019 11:00
by Bevan Youl
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How did Ferrari solve their major 2019 weakness?

Ferrari didn’t look the favourites to win in Singapore due to the track being so downforce dominant but the Scuderia surprised, claiming pole and a one-two finish. But how have they overcome what was their weakness?

A series of upgrades brought to their package has helped them become contenders for the rest of the season, upgrading various aerodynamic areas with small features to increase downforce.
One of these features is the addition of a cape to the nose of their SF90, extending it along to the mounting pylons to create more front-end downforce, something Mercedes and McLaren have used since the start of this season.
“Crucially Ferrari made a number of changes to its SF 94 Singapore to turn the tide starting off with a new nose by fitting a Cape section on to the nose and extending that between the mounting pylons to create a pair of nostrils Ferrari was able to generate more front-end downforce,” Autosport explained.
“The inclination of the nostrils leading-edge forces airflow passing underneath to take a longer path and it hence accelerates.
“As a result it develops a stronger low-pressure region underneath boosting overall downforce.
“The cape itself also produces downforce while also improving the interaction between the underside of the car and the bargeboards.
“Those capes were pioneered by Mercedes in 2017 aiming to improve the front end and squeeze more performance out of the bargeboards.”
The cape was not the only upgrade brought by Ferrari as they upgraded the cars floor and diffuser with small fins to direct airflow on top of the floor.
“Ferraris further upgrades contain a new floor and a new diffuser,” Autosport added.
“The new floor featured the fins along the slots along the edge seen several times this season.
“Those fins helped to boost the outward direction of the airflow moving on top of the floor assisting the slots with their endeavour to seal the floor and maximize diffuser performance.
“Ferrari has trialed this floor numerous times in practice sessions earlier in the season and it seems after a lengthy period of perseverance it has finally been able to make it work properly.”
Will we see Ferrari dominate for the rest of the season after managing what was their weakness?


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