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Singapore Grand Prix

Circuit length
5.063 km
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Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

Sweltering hot and high humidity: two things that make the Singapore Grand Prix the most difficult of the year for drivers. The drivers and pit crew will be trying to cool down often, and it's a welcome relief to have the event take place at night. On the Marina Bay Street Circuit, drivers are pushed to their limits. Trying not to cause a safety car is a big focus. That is the challenge of Singapore!

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The 2023 Singapore Grand Prix

The name of the designer of the Marina Bay Street Circuit? Yes, again Hermann Tilke, nowadays the house architect of Formula 1. Then you know one thing for sure: Despite the fact that it is a street circuit, there will be enough straight parts to be found!

And indeed, three to four straight stretches of asphalt where the engine can be pushed hard. Interspersed with right angles and slow turns, making it a favourite track for Red Bull Racing!

With the event in the dark, the drivers return to the garage physically and mentally exhausted after the race. Picking the perfect line for 61 laps, knowing that otherwise, you'll end up being one of the many drivers who park their car in the wall. And that's only the challenge if you survive the chaotic start of the race!

What does the Singapore Grand Prix race weekend look like?

On September 15, the drivers will take their seats in their cars for the free practice sessions. FP1 is on the program at 10:30am UK time. Later, the second practice session will be held at 14:00. Qualifying starts on Saturday, September 16, at 2:00 PM, after which the race will be held on Sunday, September 17.

What time does the Singapore Grand Prix start?

As in previous years, the Singapore GP can be followed live in the live blog from one hour before the start of the race. The start time of the Singapore Grand Prix is ​​13:00 UK time and the race can also be followed live on your local TV option.