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Verstappen to be heard singing during livestream

Verstappen sings famous Prince song during livestream

14 May at 08:20
  • Nicole Mulder

Recently, Max Verstappen has been heard singing several times. Even during his own Team Redline's latest livestream, the Red Bull Racing driver sang at the top of his voice again: this time he sang Prince's famous song Purple Rain.

Verstappen sings Purple Rain during livestream

Earlier, Verstappen sang Elvis Presley's well-known Viva Las Vegas after winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix. After the Brazil Grand Prix, Tom Jones' Green Grass of Home could also be heard over Red Bull's team radio, following a request from race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase. The three-time world champion later explained that in his youth, that song was often played by his father, Jos Verstappen, when they returned from races.

Recently, the Dutchman once again sang some of Elvis' hits. For some, perhaps a consolation after the Netherlands' disqualification at the Eurovision Song Contest, where Joost Klein was not allowed to perform his song Europapa due to an incident. During a recent livestream of a sim race with Team Redline, Verstappen was asked about his favourite karaoke song, after which he sang Prince's famous song.

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy.