Kravitz and Rosberg know why Alonso is not going to Red Bull and Mercedes

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why alonso is not going to red bull and mercedes
19 April at 04:49

Ted Kravitz and Nico Rosberg are sure: Fernando Alonso has held talks with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, yet a contract between the parties didn't materialise. The two-time World Champion announced his contract extension with Aston Martin last week.

The Spaniard praised the team and its future as a factory team due to the deal with Honda. Alonso would not elaborate on the names of the teams with whom he had further talks with, although it is common knowledge that they are Mercedes and Red Bull Racing.

Fernando Alonso's future

A seat is still available at those teams, but why didn't a deal materialise anyway? "Alonso is happy to stay at Aston Martin. The reality is that he discussed with Red Bull and Mercedes, but they weren't firm enough to make a proper offer," Ted Kravitz told Sky Sports. "I can confirm that because next to my house in Monaco is Flavio Briatore's cafe. He and Toto spent a lot of time discussing it. Flavio takes 12%," Nico Rosberg stated.

Alonso now has a new deal with Aston Martin, under which he will continue to race for the team until 2026. However, the two-time world champion also does not rule out continuing to race in F1 for longer.