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F1 drivers warn about current cars: 'Overtaking is harder again'

F1 drivers warn about current cars: 'Overtaking is harder again'

24 April - 12:28 Last update: 13:06


Since last season, Formula 1 teams have been driving a new kind of car: Ground Effect cars. These new technical regulations are supposed to promote overtaking. Auto, Motor, und Sport writes that several drivers notice that the effect is diminishing.

Figures indicate that there was less overtaking during the first two races of the current season than last year. Drivers say they suffer more often from dirty air from the car in front of them, which makes overtaking more difficult. Carlos Sainz would blame this problem on the aerodynamic updates teams have implemented this season.

FIA refutes drivers' concerns

FIA sports director Nikolas Tombazis refutes the stories. The Greek acknowledges that figures show that dirty air has increased slightly, but finds absolutely no cause for concern. "We are still far away from the 2021 figures," says the former engineer, referring to the previous generation of cars. The overtaking races of Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez in Australia, and of Max Verstappen in Jeddah, show that it is quite possible for the top teams to overtake for now. In the back, many drivers remain 'stuck' in the DRS train created after the opening phase.

Should the effect diminish further, the FIA may intervene. The organisation can prescribe new technical regulations to the teams which will reduce the foul air. Should the current trend continue, the federation may well decide to do so ahead of 2024.