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Pierre Gasly highly dissatisfied with Alpine's actions

Gasly pissed at his team: 'Ocon is always put first!'

18 May at 13:39
  • Sandy van Wijngaarden

It is no secret that Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon are not the best of friends and they happen to be teammates at Alpine at the moment. After the third free practice session, Gasy was very unhappy with his team.

The two used to be good friends. Both are from France, so they speak the same language. In the present, relations are different between Gasly and Ocon. The two have clashed several times on the track, with Australia 2023 being the low point.

Gasly angry at Alpine

A late crash by Sergio Perez caused a red flag during the third free practice session at Imola with seven minutes to go. Eventually, with two minutes to go, the track was released again. This caused chaos as almost everyone wanted to drive another qualifying simulation with new red tyres.

In the end, Gasly just missed the opportunity to push for another fast lap. Ocon, on the other hand, was able to set a fast lap because he had gone out earlier. This caused considerable dissatisfaction for the Frenchman.

"That’s fucking shit, guys. Very badly managed. I don’t understand," Gasly could be heard over his radio. At that, he was instructed to go to the grid for a test start. "Why! We are always the same in this situation," the Frenchman continued. His engineer explained that hardly anyone could drive a good lap due to the traffic jam, to which Gasly said: "Yes, except Esteban. Except Esteban. It’s always the same. I thought I have priority this weekend. I don’t get it."