Jeddah Corniche Circuit

Jeddah Corniche Circuit

Jeddah's Corniche Circuit is located in Saudi Arabia. The high-speed circuit runs along the coastline and borders the Red Sea. The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix has so far taken place twice, in 2021 and 2022.

Carsten Tilke, son of famous circuit designer Hermann Tilke, designed the circuit's layout. The track has a length of 6.174 kilometres and officially has 27 corners, although not all of them would be recognised by a Formula 1 car given the high speed. 

The circuit is also known as 'the fastest street circuit in the world'. Average speeds of over 250 km/h were measured in Formula 1. Jeddah's track features huge lights, adding another night race to Formula 1's schedule.  

Safety doubts 

Drivers should approach the Jeddah Corniche Circuit with caution. The circuit is FIA-licensed grade 1, but some Formula 1 drivers were concerned about the narrow walls, high speeds and blind corners, especially in the final sector. 

When drivers race along the coastline, they encounter elongated chicanes. Turn 13 is one of the most recognisable corners on the Jeddah circuit. It is a long hairpin corner with a large grandstand on the outside and offers drivers one of the best, and only, overtaking opportunities. 

The last part of the circuit is a long, almost straight left-hand turn, with the track getting a lot tighter at turn 27. This is a dangerous area during qualifying, as drivers have to reduce speed there to create a gap to the car in front of them in order to set the best possible lap on Saturday.