James Allison: 'Fortunately I don't have to make that choice'

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James Allison is not worried about Mercedes' future prospects
18 May at 07:30
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These are turbulent times for Mercedes' Formula 1 team. Sporting performance is still not at the level of yesteryear and they are gradually losing some of their leading lights. Following the departures of Loic Serra and Jerome D'ambrosio, it was announced on Friday that Gioacchino Vino, until recently head of aerodynamics, is also seeking refuge elsewhere. Despite this, Mercedes' technical chief James Allison is not worried for the time being.

"No, I think it's more in the normal ebb and flow of an F1 team. The teams are big these days. And in any given year, you are shipping out a whole bunch of people and shipping in a matching number. That'll be true in nearly every team," Allison stated in a press conference on Friday during the race weekend in Imola.

Who will get the second Mercedes seat?

Following the departure of Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes faces an important choice ahead of 2025: who gets the second seat next to George Russell. Allison is happy not to have to get involved in that. "Well, happily, it's not me that makes that choice. So to the bigger dogs to answer that."