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Verstappen finishes No. 1 by a distance in F1 Power Rankings

Verstappen finishes No. 1 by a distance in F1 Power Rankings

24 November - 06:42 Last update: 09:21

Max Verstappen has received the highest rating for his performance in Abu Dhabi in the F1 Power Rankings. With that, he ends the F1 season in style, as the Dutchman also finishes top in the final rankings.

Verstappen won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix without really encountering much resistance. The Red Bull driver received a 9.2 for his solid performance. That is just slightly higher than number two Charles Leclerc, who gets a 9.0 for his strong race at the Yas Marina Circuit. He managed to outsmart Sergio Perez in the battle for P2 in the world championship.

Verstappen finishes top

Lando Norris completes the top three with an 8.8 and is followed by the parting Sebastian Vettel (8.6). Esteban Ocon is also rewarded with an 8.4. George Russell (7.6), Daniel Ricciardo (7.4), Perez (7.2), Lance Stroll (7.2) and Fernando Alonso (7.0) finish their season with a top ten rating.

In the final standings, nothing changes in the top two. Verstappen has been at the top of 's list for almost the whole season, finishing as clear number one with an 8.8. Leclerc finishes at a suitable distance with an 8.2 average. The third spot is shared by two Brits. Indeed, his good race in Abu Dhabi puts Norris on a par with Russell and they both finish with a 7.8 average.

Lewis Hamilton falls just outside the mark with a 7.7, finishing on a par with Alonso. Perez and Carlos Sainz share the seventh spot in the standings with an average of 7.3. Esteban Ocon (7.2) and Alexander Albon (7.0) complete the top ten.

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