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Vettel's last race at Suzuka: 'Maybe the rain will help us'

Vettel's last race at Suzuka: 'Maybe the rain will help us'

7 October - 06:41 Last update: 09:04


This weekend, Sebastian Vettel drives his last race at Japan's Suzuka Circuit during the Japanese GP. Although the German is not expecting a top result with his Aston Martin, he does hope that the rain might give him some chances.

Excellent record for Vettel at Suzuka

Vettel's last F1 race in Japan should be special. The four-time world champion has an excellent track record at the historic circuit. Back in 2006, the German drove as BMW Sauber's reserve driver at the Suzuka Circuit, but in 2009 for Red Bull Racing, he drove his first race there. Vettel qualified at P1 and won the race.

In 2010, Vettel did the same again and he also took pole position in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, he only failed to convert this pole into a victory; the German finished third. In 2013, Vettel did win the Grand prix, but this time from P2. His 2014 race did not amount to much and in the years that followed at Ferrari, things did not go very smoothly either. Although, the last race at Suzuka, before Covid 19, in 2019, Vettel did start from pole and finished second.

Vettel hopes for rain

This weekend will be the German's last F1 race and realistically, Vettel will not finish the race with a top result. The Aston Martin is simply not capable of that. Speaking to German Sky, he says: "It will be difficult. I don't know what the weather is going to do. Maybe it's going to help us and bring us slightly forward during the rain. We will try everything and I will definitely enjoy it. If we take points, it will be good."

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