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F1 Power Rankings tough for Verstappen: Not in top ten after Singapore

F1 Power Rankings tough for Verstappen: Not in top ten after Singapore

05-10-2022 14:51 Last update: 22:41

Formula 1 has announced the F1 Power Rankings and it is not entirely surprising that Max Verstappen cannot be found in the top ten after the Singapore Grand Prix. His teammate scores a lot better.

Perez the best in Singapore

After each Grand Prix, the experts of a ranking of the drivers. The drivers are given a score for their performance over the weekend, without taking into account the driver's equipment. Thus, the rankings should reflect the best F1 drivers of that year.

After the Singapore GP, Sergio Perez gets the highest score with a 9.4. The Mexican missed the pole by a hair's width but grabbed victory through a good start and strong defensive work. Lando Norris also gets a high rating with a 9.2 after his fourth place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Verstappen not in the top ten

After the top two, a gap falls. Charles Leclerc scores an 8.2, Lance Stroll an 8.0 and the stalled Fernando Alonso gets a 7.6. Daniel Ricciardo (7.4), Pierre Gasly (7.4), Sebastian Vettel (7.2), Carlos Sainz (6.8) and Kevin Magnussen (6.4) complete the top ten.

Notable absentees are Max Verstappen, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen is still first in the total standings with an 8.8, but his mistakes in Singapore are causing Leclerc (8.2 average) to move closer. Neither Hamilton nor Russell are back in the top ten after their drama weekend in Marina Bay. While Russell is still third in the standings with a 7.9, Hamilton drops to the shared fifth spot with Alonso, on a 7.6.

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