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Horner saw struggling Verstappen: 'He gave it everything'

Horner saw struggling Verstappen: 'He gave it everything'

3 October - 12:48 Last update: 15:22


Max Verstappen could in theory have already secured his world title in Singapore, but things turned out differently for the Dutchman. Partly due to a mistake in qualifying, he was stuck in midfield and had to settle for seventh place. Christian Horner told Formula1.com that he did not feel there was more in it.

Already at the start, things went wrong for Verstappen. The world championship leader got off to a bad start and was in 12th position in no time. He then had to try hard to make up the necessary positions, which put him in tricky conditions several times.

At the end of the race, this caused Verstappen to brake and mainly had to do his best to finish in the points. With six points, he got less than expected beforehand, but Horner is satisfied with the way Verstappen fought.

"It was obviously hugely frustrating, but he’s raced hard," explained the Red Bull Racing team boss. "He’s raced his heart out today, he’s come through the field twice and those points are vital for both him and the constructors. He gave it everything today – unfortunately, it just wasn’t his weekend."

Verstappen can take world title in Japan

Next weekend, the Japanese Grand Prix is on the programme and there is a real chance that the Dutchman will still take his second world title of his career. A number of scenarios are possible, with Verstappen needing to score at least eight more points than Charles Leclerc and at least six more than Sergio Perez.

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