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Perez addresses negative media stories: 'They make it a lot bigger'

Perez addresses negative media stories: 'They make it a lot bigger'

2 October - 21:48 Last update: 2 October - 21:48


Sergio Perez has had a difficult few weeks with disappointing results, but the Mexican showed with his victory at the Singapore Grand Prix that he is still a great asset to Red Bull Racing.

Perez takes the fourth victory in his Formula 1 career in Singapore. Earlier this season, the Mexican also won in Monaco. It is no secret that teammate Max Verstappen is not a big fan of street circuits, but Perez, on the contrary, seems more at ease on the tight and twisty tracks.

The gap between Perez and Verstappen has been widening in recent weeks. After a strong start to the season, the Mexican seems unable to keep up with his teammate's pace. Perez wanted to finish the final races of the season strongly after a couple of mediocre weekends, and he has already succeeded.

Perez worked hard for strong result

"I'm super happy. This win is really special for me, because I've had a bit of a rough patch in the last few races. And I mean, obviously, the media in Formula 1 makes it extremely, a lot bigger, maybe because I'm just Mexican and if I'm not two races in a row in the podium, then I'm having a worst season ever and Red Bull should drop me and all that sort of stuff that you get to see", the Red Bull driver says in the press conference of the FIA.

"It’s just nice to get that win and yeah, it’s not a reminder to anyone of how good I am. But it's just always good to be able to put together this sort of performance. And yeah, just keep going, you know, we kept working really hard", Perez ends.

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