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Vasseur unsure about Andretti's F1 participation: 'Netherlands also a big market'

Vasseur unsure about Andretti's F1 participation: 'Netherlands also a big market'

11-08-2022 11:27 Last update: 12:05


Frederic Vasseur has explained why he is hesitant to support Andretti Racing's Formula 1 participation. The Alfa Romeo team boss does not think the team will add value to the sport.

Michael Andretti has the ambition to enter the sport in 2024 with his Andretti Racing team. However, the American is facing opposition from the other F1 teams and Liberty Media. According to Vasseur, this opposition is not specifically aimed at Andretti, but instead relates to how much value a new team would bring. The Alfa Romeo team boss believes the sport should only accept newcomers if they add value, for example as an engine supplier.

Vasseur does not think it makes sense to add an eleventh team that does the same things as the existing F1 teams. The entry of Porsche would add value, he believes, as the brand would become engine supplier to an existing F1 team. It seems that Porsche will cooperate with Red Bull Racing.

The Netherlands does not have its own team either

The Frenchman also doubts whether the attraction of adding an American-based team is a strong argument. An American driver can also make the sport more popular in the country, not necessarily with an American team.

"I don’t think added value can come from the nationality of a team. One of the biggest markets of F1 today is the Netherlands, and we don’t have a Dutch team, we have a Dutch driver", the Alfa Romeo team boss tells RACER.

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