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'Red Bull with upgrades after summer break, Ferrari to focus on engine'

'Red Bull with upgrades after summer break, Ferrari to focus on engine'

02-08-2022 13:34


The summer break officially started after the Hungarian Grand Prix. The teams will not be sitting still, however, as Formula 1 gets ready for its first triple header of the season after the four-week break. Red Bull Racing will introduce several updates, while Ferrari will focus on improving its engine.

In Hungary, the Red Bull car performed better in the cooler conditions. However, Ferrari still have an advantage on tracks where maximum downforce is required. The Italians simply didn't exploit the potential of their car at the Hungaroring. However, Red Bull will introduce some updates after the summer break to stay ahead of Ferrari.

The team of Verstappen and Perez will introduce minor updates, according to Auto, Motor und Sport, for the Belgian Grand Prix, the first race after the four-week summer break. In Monza, the team will introduce a rear wing specifically for the Italian circuit. It is expected that other teams will do the same because of the high speeds.

Ferrari wants more powerful engine

For the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull will introduce the last major update to increase downforce. After that, the budget ceiling will be as good as exhausted and the focus will have to be on the car for 2023.

According to the German website, Ferrari will not sit still either. The team wants an even more powerful engine for the second half of the season. The engine manufacturers have until September 1st to make adjustments to their engine, after which it may no longer be modified. Ferrari will get more power through a technical update, while Mercedes and Red Bull Racing will not make any changes to the engine. The two teams will only look at reliability where necessary.

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