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Marko explains why Perez didn't have a DRS problem: Because of the weight

Marko explains why Perez didn't have a DRS problem: "Because of the weight"

22 May - 16:35


Max Verstappen put the Spanish Grand Prix to his advantage in unexpected ways, despite the failing DRS system he had to contend with. Sergio Perez did not suffer from the problem and there is a clear reason for that according to Helmut Marko.

The German branch of Sky Sports wondered why only Verstappen was suffering from the problem and put the question to Red Bull Racing's top advisor. He has a clear explanation.

Marko explains DRS problem

According to Marko, it is related to the lower weight of the car. Verstappen's RB18 has been lightened a few kilos again for the Spanish Grand Prix, but Perez would not have received that update yet.

If both drivers had driven a lighter car, the Mexican would therefore have faced the same problems, according to Marko. That means homework again for Red Bull Racing, which has to solve the problem before the Monaco Grand Prix.

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