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Hill: 'Ferrari questions Red Bull Racing's level of development'

Hill: 'Ferrari questions Red Bull Racing's level of development'

20 May - 13:12 Last update: 15:42


According to Sky Sports analyst Damon Hill, there is some suspicion at Ferrari towards Red Bull Racing. The Italians wonder if the rival has found a loophole that allows them to develop so quickly.

Has Red Bull found something?

The budget cap has more drastic consequences for the continued development of the cars in 2022 than in the previous year. Since the cars are new, there is also much to improve and many novelties to discover. Red Bull is developing at a rapid pace and is raising Ferrari's suspicions. After all, how can the team improve so much and stay under budget?

As Hill reports on Sky Sports, "We've had some squeaky noises coming out of Ferrari saying 'I don't know how Red Bull are keeping up development progress given the price cap restrictions'. There will be some questions raised about whether they've found a loophole, and whether they can develop quicker. It's going to be tight and everyone will be fighting over every inch,"

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