Pirelli leaves 'Australia variant' for what for the upcoming Grands Prix

15-04-2022 07:01 | Updated: 15-04-2022 09:00
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Pirelli leaves 'Australia variant' for what for the upcoming Grands Prix

Pirelli has announced the tire selections for the next four race weekends. None of those weekends will feature the 'Australia Variation,' but all available tires will be used once throughout the four weekends.

In Australia, Pirelli surprised with an interesting tire selection. The C2 and C3 were taken for the race, but for qualifying there was the C5. This compound could make for interesting strategies in the race, but other than Alexander Albon's late pit stop, nobody drove on the red tire in Melbourne on Sunday.

Pirelli announces choice

For the upcoming races, the Italian tire supplier therefore again opts for three tire compounds in a row. For the Grands Prix of Emilia Romagna and Miami Pirelli has made the C2, C3 and C4 available. With that, the middle series in Pirelli's selection will be chosen for those races.

For the Spanish GP, the three hardest tires (C1, C2 and C3) will be taken and that is no surprise. Indeed, at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, tire wear is very high. One week later, on the contrary, the teams will be given the softest tire selection (C3,C4 and C5) for the Monaco Grand Prix.

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