McLaren team boss stunned: 'Never had control of racing team before'

28-01-2022 14:51 | Updated: 28-01-2022 15:00
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McLaren team boss stunned: 'Never had control of racing team before'

Zak Brown has been at the helm of McLaren for quite some time now. The CEO put in a successful period in recent years, with the Formula 1 team slowly raising its level. However, it took a while for him to feel comfortable at McLaren, as he explains in the Motor Sport Magazine podcast.

It obviously took some getting used to for Brown when he was suddenly in charge at McLaren. Since he didn't know the Formula 1 world very well yet, he needed time to understand how to move around in the motorsport class. Moreover, he lacked the technical background to know about everything immediately.

It didn't stop him from making the best of it with McLaren and moving the team forward, but he didn't feel good about himself at all during that period: "Personally, I already knew a number of people, but not the people who did the day-to-day work. Besides, I had never been in control of a racing team before."

McLaren hopes to win title battle with Mercedes and Red Bull

With Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris, McLaren had two drivers on the track last season who did an excellent job. This year, Brown hopes to build on that and use the two drivers to get even closer to Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, who are also the favorites to win the World Championship this season.

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