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Perez: 'I hope we don't see a big shunt here'

Perez: 'I hope we don't see a big shunt here'

05-12-2021 12:50 Last update: 16:40


Huge speeds and the walls very close in many places. In a lot of places on the Saudi Arabian track, a crash by one driver could cause a chain reaction for the rest. Nico Rosberg said that the circuit is dangerousand Sergio Perez is hoping there are no big incidents.


Sergio Perez thinks the lack of space and lack of visibility make racing more unsafe than it should be. “It's a really nice circuit, very dangerous though,"  Perez told Autosport.com.

"There is a lot of straights, but you are turning and [there are] blind corners, where I hope nothing happens. If you like, it's too dangerous without a real reason.”

Especially during qualifying it was dangerous, Perez said. While some cars were preparing for a lap at lower speed, others were passing at full speed. With such a narrow track and the impossibility of seeing someone coming quickly in your mirrors, that can cause problems.

"When you look at some of the onboards, it's quite scary," he said. "I just hope that it goes through that we don't see a big shunt out there. But I think probably something that we can review after the weekend."


According to Perez, the drivers should convey their concerns to the circuit's designers so that adjustments can be made for next year. 

“We cannot forget the fact that the safety has to take priority. I've spoken to some of the other drivers and we all kind of think that... we are the ones sitting in the car, and the speed differences that we tend to see, if something goes wrong it's a massive one. It's a straight, you're going on a straight flat out, it's just I don't see the reason to do it that way. It's obviously a bit of track character but it's something we have to speak about after the race.”

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