VIDEO | These records could be smashed in 2021!

01-02-2021 17:06

2021 is set to be a thrilling season for all sorts of reasons but it is also set to be a record-breaking one. There are several records that could be broken this year so let’s get into some of the landmarks that could be sent tumbling this season. 

Hamilton to reign supreme?

We’ll get the obvious out of the way early doors, Lewis Hamilton can move out on his own as the driver with the most Formula 1 World Championships in history. He currently shares the accolade with Michael Schumacher, but in 2021 an eighth title would see him move clear of the German. Hamilton will be the strong favourite to continue his dominance all assuming he signs a new deal which is yet to be confirmed. 

Hamilton has already set all sorts of records but he can also break the record for the most wins by surname. That’s currently held by the Schumacher name on 97, 91 of those for Michael and 6 for Ralf. Young Mick could of course extend this slender lead for the Schumacher name, but Hamilton who currently has 95, could have this one wrapped up at the yet-to-be-announced Grand Prix. 

The list goes on, as Hamilton can also score the most wins at one race by any driver. If he wins the Hungarian Grand Prix on the 1st of August, he’ll have one the race nine times, passing Schumacher’s eight at the French Grand Prix. If Hamilton leads another 12 laps he’ll add the most laps led to his list of records.

The Old Guard

That’s enough about Hamilton, let’s look at some former World Champions. Kimi Raikkonen currently holds the record for the longest time between the first and last of his Formula 1 wins. He was on the top step all the way back in 2003 in Malaysia and was last on top of the podium in 2018 in the United States. Although Kimi could extend this run in 2021, we are actually focusing on Fernando Alonso. His first win also came in 2003 at Hungary but if Alpine are able to keep progressing, and put themselves in a position to take advantage of a crazy race we could see the two-time Champ on top of the podium again, and the record could end up being set at over 18 years. 

Alonso could also break the record for the longest interval between Formula 1 wins. He last won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2013 meaning that he could break Ricardo Patrese’s record of over 6 and half years between race wins. 

Kimi can still equal a record himself as he will equal the record for most seasons competed in. He made his debut all the way back in 2001 but 20 years later he’s still going strong.

Qualifying dominance & the return of a familiar name

Mercedes could break the record for the most times qualifying one-two in Formula 1 history. This doesn’t mean front row lockouts, as there was once a time where three cars made up the front row so a team may have qualified one-two but couldn’t qualify three as well so it wouldn’t be classed as a front-row lockout. Mercedes already hold the front row lockout record but Ferrari currently the one-two record, with 80. Something remarkable would have to happen to stop the Silver Arrows taking this one. Mercedes have been head and shoulders above anyone else over the last few seasons and you’d be brave betting against them taking another record.

We spoke about Aston Martin’s return to F1 the other day and with it they’ll break a record. Mercedes currently hold the longest time between Formula entries at 54 years but Aston Martin, barring a miracle, will raise the bar to 61 years. Their most recent entry as a constructor was the 1960 British Grand Prix. Is this a sign of things to come for Aston Martin? 

An unwanted record?

And finally, Max Verstappen could become the most successful driver in F1 history without a title to his name. If the Dutchman adds seven more wins in 2021 and doesn’t win the F1 title, he’ll become the most successful driver without an F1 title, passing Stirling Moss’ record of 16 wins. It’ll be a tough ask for him to win seven races given Mercedes’ dominance but if anyone can, Max can. 

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