Aston Martin reflects on racing pedigree in new promo film

29-01-2021 18:32

Aston Martin is a car brand with a rich history, but in the world of motor sport, it is somewhat limited. When people think of the luxury brand, they first think of James Bond. To make it clear that racing is in Aston Martin's blood, they have made a promotional film.

In it, we see extensive footage of the Aston Martin DBR4, the car with which the marque competed in a number of races for the Formula 1 World Championship in 1959. Roy Salvadori finished sixth not without merit twice, but in those days that didn't earn him any points.

A year later, Aston Martin tried one more time with the revamped DBR5 at the Portuguese Grand Prix, but it was not a success. As a result, Aston Martin's first Formula 1 adventure was short-lived. Things would be different over 60 years later.

Aston Martin was successful at Le Mans

If the brand wants to claim its historical achievements in racing, then Le Mans is the place to look. They participated in this before the war and won it in that very special year of 1959. In 2005, they returned there in the GT1 class with the help of Prodrive and won the 2007 and 2008 editions.

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