This is how Red Bull Racing ensures the perfect pit stop for Verstappen

25-09-2020 06:20

Red Bull Racing are the best in Formula 1 when it comes to pit stops. Almost every weeken the team are near the top of the leaderboard but how do they do it?

Ever since Red Bull first appeared in Formula 1, it has been an important trademark of the team in the precision with which they work in the pit stop. It is widely practised and the material is optimised for the fastest pit stop of all. This resulted in a record 1.82 second pit stop in 2020.

Red Bull's fast pit stops

Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon therefore rarely lose time on their competitors in the pit stop, and that is nice bonus to have up your sleeve. After all, overtaking on the track is not so easy in Formula 1 and every tenth or sometimes even second that can be won in the pits is of course taken into account.

In a new video of the team, Red Bull explains what makes the difference. Where should the mechanics be, how often is this trained and who actually decides when the pit stop is made? Everything has to be done in a very short period of time, so it's not surprising that it's already practiced four times a race weekend on the track.

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