One last karaoke for Gasly and Tsunoda

24-11-2022 20:55 Last update: 25-11-2022 08:49

Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda formed an entertaining duo at AlphaTauri, but after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix they had to say goodbye as teammates. They did so entirely in style by having one last karaoke session.

One last karaoke for Gasly and Tsunoda

It was a fun farewell party, as AlphaTauri's video clearly shows. The teammates pick up the microphone one last time and put on a real performance for the team. For Tsunoda, karaoke is serious business, as the Japanese player screams into the microphone with heart and soul, perhaps already expressing some of his emotions regarding his teammate's departure.

Clearly, the two teammates are going to miss each other. Gasly already indicated that he will miss Tsunoda's 'no bull****' approach, as well as the AlphaTauri driver's unfiltered way of making himself heard. At the same time, he also saw great development from his teammate, whom he now considers a good friend.

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