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Terrified Gasly felt safe due to presence of Verstappen

26-09-2022 10:59 Last update: 26-09-2022 11:43


In an interview, Pierre Gasly has revealed how scared he was in a Red Bull stunt plane. However, the Frenchman was slightly calmer than he would have been without the Dutchman due to the presence of Max Verstappen.

Red Bull is known for making its drivers do all kinds of fun activities for various videos. So Gasly, Yuki Tsunoda, Verstappen and Sergio Perez had to climb into a stunt plane and were rewarded with a real show. Tsunoda was visibly scared, but Gasly too struggled to control himself.

Gasly in fear

In an interview, he looks back on this and it can be heard how scared the Frenchman was. However, he was not worried that things would go wrong and this was due to the presence of Verstappen. ''We felt safe because Max was there so we knew that they (those pilots) knew what they were doing. They couldn't f***** it up with Max on the plane. Then I really thought: they must know what they are doing.''

The foursome eventually landed safely on the ground and were able to continue the Grand Prix weekend, but the adventure has long stayed with the Frenchman. It may well be Gasly's last year pulling this kind of stunt with Red Bull, as he will in all likelihood make the switch to Alpine in 2023.