Singapore F1 circuit to be featured as new location in Call of Duty

08-08-2022 15:13 Last update: 08-08-2022 20:07

Singapore's Marina Bay street circuit will make an appearance in popular first-person shooter Call of Duty later this year. Unlike the F1 22 game, players will not have the chance to prove themselves on the track, but will engage in a battle of a very different nature.

Reference to Piastri and Albon

The trailer shows how night has fallen in Singapore and the race is in full swing. The paddock, however, is dark and the garages are deserted. The map will be the battleground for 6v6 combat in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, scheduled for release on 28 October.

The soap opera that is currently taking place around Oscar Piastri and Alpine has not escaped the makers of the game. They formulated the announcement of the new map in the same way as Alexander Albon, who made fun of an earlier tweet by Piastri. The latter openly denied that he will be playing on behalf of Alpine in 2023, just hours after the team revealed the contrary.

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