Coulthard: 'Verstappen unlikely to secure title in Saudi Arabia'
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Coulthard: 'Verstappen unlikely to secure title in Saudi Arabia'

12-11-2021 13:27 Last update: 14:57

David Coulthard thinks that Max Verstappen has found a tough rival in Lewis Hamilton. According to Coulthard, Hamilton is highly motivated and the decision in the world championship will be made at the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

"I don’t buy Lewis sort of conceding defeat. He’s hard-wired one way and that’s to give 100 per cent. It’s still wide open", Coulthard told The Evening Standard. The analyst is curious to see how the weekend at Interlagos will unfold. "“We’ll get to stakes getting higher, pressure building. Brazil is a circuit that can invite people to have a go into turn one and turn four, as we’ve seen in the past, and that can quickly turn to poo."

Late decision in 2021

Verstappen currently has a lead of nineteen points over Lewis Hamilton. There are still four GPs to go and therefore over a hundred points to be distributed. “I read that, in theory, Max could have the championship wrapped up in Saudi Arabia [the second-last race]. I think that’s unlikely. This world championship is wide open. It’d be great to go down to the wire in Abu Dhabi, as we’re witnessing something special this season," Coulthard said.

Hamilton is keen to grab his eighth title this season, but the former F1 driver from Scotland is secretly hoping that it is Verstappen who will come out on top. "Neither driver deserves to lose - they both deserve to win this world title. They are exceptional drivers. There are a lot of good drivers. I love to see exceptional sportsmen and women, and they are just that. The better winner for the championship would be Max because he represents a younger generation."

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