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Bottas left door open for Verstappen in Mexico: 'You learn from that'

Bottas left door open for Verstappen in Mexico: 'You learn from that'

11-11-2021 19:31 Last update: 23:29


He was delayed, but Valtteri Bottas joined the press conference last. The Finn is positive about the upcoming weekend and sees many opportunities for the team. He also talks about his poor start at the Mexico Grand Prix last weekend.

The Finn is very motivated about the Brazilian Grand Prix. "If we could take pole in Mexico, I see no reason why we can't do the same in the last few races. There is a different weekend format here though. We have to concentrate on Sunday," he tells Motorsport-Magazin.com.

Bottas faced criticism from Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff for his start in Mexico. The Finn left the door open for Verstappen, allowing the Dutchman to easily take the lead. "It's something you want to learn from. You want to see if there is something you can do. I watched the start a few times." The collision with Ricciardo was just bad luck according to the Mercedes driver.

Bottas hopes for action

During the last weekend with a sprint race, the Italian Grand Prix, Bottas had a good race. Can he repeat this in Brazil? "I just hope there is a lot of action in the sprint. You never have a guarantee there and there are many factors. I'm hoping for an exciting weekend. It's nice to wake up on Friday and know that today counts. That is what I like about sprint races," Bottas continues.

Unlike Hamilton, Bottas believes the Brazilian circuit is better suited to a sprint race. The driver believes overtaking is easier here than in Mexico.

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