Rosberg wanted to replace Hamilton in Sakhir

04-11-2021 11:38 | Updated: 04-11-2021 13:36
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Rosberg wanted to replace Hamilton in Sakhir

It was the most unexpected and abrupt farewell ever. Nico Rosberg became world champion in 2016, only to be surprised by everyone's decision to hang up his steering wheel immediately after that successful season. As unexpected as the German quit then, the more surprising a (brief) comeback would have been.

Picking up the phone

When Lewis Hamilton had to miss out on the Sakhir Grand Prix last season due to a corona infection, Rosberg appears to have briefly considered being his temporary replacement at Mercedes. Rosberg admits that in conversation with Jenson Button on his YouTube channel. "But I physically would not have been able to. No way. I would not manage more than two laps with that car. My arms would solidify rock solid, my fingers… I wouldn’t be able to hold the steering wheel anymore after two laps, I’m sure."

The biggest problem would be the G-forces, Rosberg believes. "Not to speak of the neck falling between my legs when I’m braking, because I wouldn’t be able to hold my head up. You know, the G-forces on those things, the challenge and the development you need on all your specific muscles, your arm muscles… It’s very on the edge. So physically, no chance, because I was thinking about it.”

Analyst nowadays

Although Rosberg stopped racing, he is still a frequent visitor of the F1 paddock. For example, the German is an analyst for Sky Sports.

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