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Albers criticises Max fans: 'Just like Verstappen, Hamilton has a lot of bad luck'

Albers criticises Max fans: 'Just like Verstappen, Hamilton has a lot of bad luck'

26-10-2021 09:39 Last update: 11:51


There is a lot of talk about the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. According to many, Hamilton is under pressure from Verstappen, but according to Christijan Albers, it is not that bad. According to the former F1 driver, the Brit has just as much bad luck as Verstappen in the title fight.

"Let's be honest, we are all Verstappen fans and we all have orange glasses on and Max did a fantastic job on Sunday. I think he is becoming more and more serious and he is also becoming more and more of a star in the world. Let's not forget that Lewis drove a really nice race and of course we don't want him to pass us, but that also gives a certain tension. Now you really saw a fight going on," Albers says in the F1 podcast of The Telegraph.

"On the other hand, Max is also just lucky that that Mercedes is so nervous when it has turbulence and dirty air from another car, they have learned that now for the last races, that in terms of strategy they have to make sure that they are always in front because it is just very difficult for Mercedes to overtake. Lewis also had some bad luck in the last lap that his DRS didn't open and that it was fully open for Max. There Max also had a bit of luck that he got through just a little bit and that's where Lewis was unlucky."

Both men have bad luck

According to Albers Hamilton is not under as much pressure as everyone thinks. He believes the Briton was under much more pressure in his title fight with Nico Rosberg in 2016 when both Mercedes drivers fought each other for the championship right up to Abu Dhabi.

"Sometimes Max has a lot of bad luck, but Lewis also has a lot of bad luck despite the real Max fans not wanting to see that. They've both had quite a few moments through the season. I think sometimes it's a bit of stupid to say that Lewis Hamilton is under pressure. Let's make one thing clear, when a driver is fighting for the world title with a driver from another team, you have less pressure than with a driver within your own team", Albers says.