'Audi and Porsche aim to compete in F1 from 2026 onwards'

25-10-2021 16:02 | Updated: 25-10-2021 19:50
by GPblog.com
'Audi and Porsche aim to compete in F1 from 2026 onwards'

The Volkswagen Group would still like to participate in Formula 1 as an engine supplier from 2026. With two of its brands (Audi and Porsche) they would like to enter the pinnacle of motorsport. Williams and McLaren are currently considered as potential customers.

All this writing Bild. "Rumour has it that the group's two flagships, Audi and Porsche, will share engine development infrastructure." Audi could become the new engine manufacturer for Williams, while Porsche could go into partnership with McLaren. Both teams are currently still customers of Mercedes.

Or maybe Red Bull?

There is also a third and fourth team mentioned in the corridors. "Another possibility: Red Bull Racing and sister team AlphaTauri. They are using Honda engines this season and will use their own developed drive units from 2022, when the Japanese withdraw from the sport. However, a collaboration would still be conceivable from 2026."

The Volkswagen Group confirmed earlier this year that talks had been held with the Austrians. Whether Volkswagen and its brands will actually join Formula 1 remains to be seen. First the new rules will have to be finalised. It is expected that the FIA will announce more about this within a couple of weeks. In any case, the plan is to make the engines cheaper, simpler and less harmful to the environment in the new era.

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