Back in Istanbul; the highlights of the Turkish Grand Prix

05-10-2021 20:22
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Back in Istanbul; the highlights of the Turkish Grand Prix

It didn't look like Formula 1 would go to Istanbul again this season, but the Turkish Grand Prix got a place on the calendar in June as a replacement for the Singapore Grand Prix. Whether there will be a place for the Turkish Grand Prix next year remains to be seen, so for now you can enjoy some memorable moments.

2020 - Slipping and sliding

A brand new layer of asphalt combined with a lot of water made for a very slippery track in 2020, with drivers struggling to keep their car on track in both qualifying and the race. Lance Stroll took his first - and only - pole position on Saturday, but was unable to maintain it in the race. In the end, Lewis Hamilton won the race and secured his seventh world title.

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2010 - Vettel and Webber crash

Sebastian Vettel won his first world title with Red Bull in 2010 and regularly clashed with teammate Mark Webber. In Turkey Webber is on pole position with Vettel next to him on the front row. When Vettel wants to overtake his team mate things go wrong. The two hit each other and Vettel is out of the race. Webber eventually only finishes third.

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2006 - Schumacher and Alonso fight

In 2006, during the second Turkish Grand Prix, Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari and Fernando Alonso in the Renault have a great fight for second place. For twelve laps Schumacher does everything he can to overtake the future world champion, but he can't get past him. At the finish there is less than a tenth difference between the two.

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2005 - Bad luck for Montoya

Despite a podium finish the very first Turkish Grand Prix of 2005 was one to forget for Juan Pablo Montoya. Not only did things go wrong during his pit stop when he knocked over a mechanic, moments later he was run over by Jordan-driver Tiago Monteiro. When Montoya is second again in the second-to-last lap, he shoots off the track.

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