World Championship standings after Russia | Verstappen and Hamilton close

26-09-2021 16:32
World Championship standings after Russia | Verstappen and Hamilton close

Lewis Hamilton has regained the lead in the World Championship from Max Verstappen after the Russian Grand Prix. Thanks to his victory the British driver grabbed 25 points which brings him to a total of 246.5 points. Verstappen has collected two points less after 15 GP's.

Valtteri Bottas looked like he had no chance of a points finish, but he too took advantage of the rain on the Sochi circuit. He finished above Norris, picking up a few points and consolidating his third place. Sergio Perez scored two points by finishing ninth.

Kimi Raikkonen is now on six points, thanks to his eighth-place finish. George Russell is now on 16 points after another place in the top ten.

Ranking in the World Drivers Championship after Russia GP

1. Lewis Hamilton: 246.5 points

2. Max Verstappen: 244.5 points

3. Valtteri Bottas: 151 points

4. Lando Norris: 139 points

5. Sergio Perez: 120 points

6. Carlos Sainz 112.5 points

7. Charles Leclerc: 104 points

8. Daniel Ricciardo: 95 points

9. Pierre Gasly: 66 points

10. Fernando Alonso: 58 points

11. Esteban Ocon: 45 points

12. Sebastian Vettel: 35 points

13. Lance Stroll: 24 points

14. Yuki Tsunoda: 18 points

15. George Russell: 16 points

16. Nicholas Latifi: 7 points

17. Kimi Raikkonen: 6 points

18. Antonio Giovinazzi: 1 point

19. Mick Schumacher: 0 points

20. Nikita Mazepin: 0 points

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