Hamilton didn't need to leave room for Verstappen: "Why should he?"

13-09-2021 06:27 | Updated: 13-09-2021 07:09
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Hamilton didn't need to leave room for Verstappen: Why should he?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have now written two incidents to their name at Monza, following their clash at Silverstone. This time it was not Hamilton, but Verstappen who was blamed for the incident, and Peter Windsor can understand that.

Bad race from Red Bull

Verstappen seemed to be on his way to victory with his pole in Italy, but much went wrong during the race. He gave away the pole with a bad start, couldn't pass Daniel Ricciardo and lost 11 seconds on his pit stop. The race seemed lost, but when Hamilton came out of the pits Verstappen could see him, and he tried to overtake anyway.

''He's in front of Max and on the inside going into turn one. So what is he going to do? Is he going to back right off and give the corner to Max, of course not. The only thing you can say is that Lewis didn't give enough room for Max to go past on the outside, and the inside for turn two, but why would he?," said Peter Windsor in His video, who then looks at it from Verstappen's perspective

Do or die by Max?

"Let's look at it from Verstappen's point. He was very fast after a long pit stop. Shocked that he lost so much time and possibly the race to McLaren. And then he sees Lewis coming up the track in front of him. This is where it goes wrong. He thinks I can do this because I have hotter tyres and Lewis will probably back away and give me the corner. Lewis would never do that though, and Max should have known that from Silverstone.''

"You can say a racing incident because both drivers didn't give the other enough room. If Max hadn't tried to overtake Lewis in turn one, he probably would have had the momentum towards the next chicane and he could have overtaken. You could also say it was Lewis' corner. He was in front and on the inside. Everything that happened after that was because Verstappen tried to go round the outside and hit the kerbs," Windsor concluded.

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