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Hamilton on intense battle with Alonso: 'Was on the limit once'

Hamilton on intense battle with Alonso: 'Was on the limit once'

03-08-2021 20:12 Last update: 21:53


Fernando Alonso did everything he could to keep Lewis Hamilton behind him for all the laps. Hamilton said he enjoyed the fierce battle with his former teammate, although Alonso did go too far once in the eyes of the Mercedes driver.

Hamilton enjoys battle

While Esteban Ocon led for Alpine from the opening stages of the race, his teammate Alonso had to do everything in his power to prevent Hamilton from having a chance at victory. He did this in a great way.

Hamilton enjoyed the intense duel he had with Alonso: "Fernando kicked my butt", the Briton is quoted by Formule1.com. "It was a great duel, at least once it was on the limit, but it was great racing." During the duel, Alonso and Hamilton touched once, which Hamilton appears to be talking about.

Alonso the team player

The great defensive work that Alonso managed to keep up for a total of eleven laps ensured that Hamilton didn't have enough time to drive up to race leader Ocon and overtake him. This gave Ocon his first Formula 1 victory and Alpine F1 Team, its first under the Alpine name.

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