Rosberg signed Mercedes document: 'I know every single detail!'

31-07-2021 17:40
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Rosberg signed Mercedes document: 'I know every single detail!'

As the debate between Mercedes and Red Bull raged on last week, Nico Rosberg revealed the details of what the document was that Toto Wolff handed to FIA Race Director Michael Masi immediately after the crash at the British Grand Prix.

"Of course I saw it, I put my signature under that thing!" Rosberg explained to Sky Sports.

It is believed to be a document drawn up by Mercedes during the Rosberg/Hamilton era in order to help racing etiquette at the height of their teammate battle.

"So, yes, that was a pretty intense time and I didn't know that it was a part of the recent debate as well but I know every single detail! It's just about the positioning of the car versus the other car, whose corner it is, who has the right of way and things like that," he stated.

Rosberg finished by adding "it's very detailed, and it's useful for the stewards to be able to judge battles in situations like that."

Not suprised by Red Bull penalty attempt

When questioned about the attempt by Red Bull to have the penalty leniency reviewed, which was not accepted by the stewards, Rosberg exclaimed that it's no surprise to him.

"Yes, I mean come on, if they think that the penalty should have been worse then yes, why not try and see if you can get another step on that?

"The problem is though that apparently they went below the waistline, you know, they went into an area where it's not fair and respectful anymore and that's kind of the debate. That must not happen, of course, but we don't know the exact wording, so it's a bit difficult."

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