Verstappen changes gearbox after Silverstone crash

30-07-2021 19:45 | Updated: 30-07-2021 21:08
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Verstappen changes gearbox after Silverstone crash

Max Verstappen can use his engine from the crash at Silverstone, but now it seems that something has been changed in the Dutchman's car. Verstappen's gearbox was replaced prior to the weekend.

This can be seen on the FIA site, where the documentation is always published. Does this impact the starting position of the Dutchman? No. Because Verstappen didn't finish the race in Great Britain, he has the right to replace parts of his car without penalty according to Article 12 of the rules. This is what Red Bull did.

It is good news for the Dutchman, who can now compete with Lewis Hamilton. On Sunday both drivers will meet each other for the first time since the incident at Silverstone. Verstappen will do so with a new gearbox and the same power unit.

Verstappen has company

He was not the only driver who had to replace his gearbox. Sebastian Vettel, who like the Dutchman did not finish the race, also had to change his gearbox. For him too Article 12 applies, which means that he will not be penalised for changing his gearbox.

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