Russell spoke to the stewards: "That's what we were arguing"

25-07-2021 13:21 | Updated: 25-07-2021 14:39
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Russell spoke to the stewards: That's what we were arguing

George Russell was unhappy with the way the stewards handed out penalties during the British Grand Prix weekend. According to the Williams driver, this could make other drivers 'cautious' and the racing will be less close.

Discussion with the stewards

Russell himself was penalised for a tap he inflicted on Carlos Sainz during the sprint race. For this, the Brit received a grid penalty of three places. Russell has spoken with the stewards about the penalty. "That's what we were arguing," said Russell against

"'Rubbin's racing, as they say, I think it's always good for the fans and even for the drivers to have close, hard racing," Russell revealed. During the sprint race Russell was on the inside at turn six when Sainz wanted to cut in from the outside. Russell couldn't avoid the Ferrari driver and hit him, causing Sainz to fall back to the back of the field.

Formula 1 no place to be careful

"So I think when there's so many penalties being dished out, it does change the views of the drivers slightly, how you approach it, and nobody wants to sit there and everybody be cautious, because it won't be entertaining for anyone," Russell concluded.

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