Where does the moment at Silverstone fit into this list of crashing title rivals?

24-07-2021 16:20 | Updated: 24-07-2021 22:58
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Where does the moment at Silverstone fit into this list of crashing title rivals?

The heated title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen came to an explosive boiling point at Silverstone, something that will be fresh in the minds of many Formula 1 fans. However, it is not the first time that a battle for the title has ended in direct confrontation and a collision on track. Which rivals have also clashed in this way since 2010?

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Since 2010, there have been four notably fierce moments in the battle for the Drivers' Championship title. In 2010, Red Bull teammates Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber drove each other off the track in a distinctly unceremonious fashion. This further soured the bonds between the two drivers. Vettel won the title that year, Webber had to settle for P3.

Battle with Rosberg

Besides Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton has also had multiple run-ins with teammate Nico Rosberg over the past decade. The fight between the two spanned several seasons, and reached a first boiling point in 2014. In Belgium, a touch between the teammates then ended Hamilton's race.

But the fight that has undoubtedly stuck with Dutch Formula One fans in particular concerns the one during the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. During the opening stages, Rosberg and Hamilton drove each other off the track, inadvertently paving the way for Red Bull rookie Max Verstappen to crown his switch to a top team with an immediate victory.

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