Red Bull puts pressure on Hamilton: 'Becoming the hunter as opposed to the hunted'

24-07-2021 07:30 | Updated: 24-07-2021 14:17
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Red Bull puts pressure on Hamilton: 'Becoming the hunter as opposed to the hunted'

Lewis Hamilton will have to claw back Max Verstappen in his pursuit of the world championship for the time being. The Englishman was the big title favourite in recent years, but this season he has to deal with competition from the Dutchman. The incident at Silverstone is the result of that, according to Christian Horner in his column on

Both men collided hard during the British Grand Prix. From the start Hamilton, starting from second position, tried to overtake his rival Verstappen, who started on pole. It was a blistering battle, but the outcome was disastrous for Red Bull. The Dutchman crashed into a tyre pile at full speed.

"No matter how experienced or talented, all drivers experience a build-up of pressure at times and this was a moment of extreme pressure for Hamilton in the championship," stated Red Bull's team boss.

w"Becoming the hunter as opposed to the hunted, and in front of his home crowd who saw him defeated the previous day at a track that has always been a Mercedes stronghold."

Hamilton took a risk

Horner is convinced that it made Hamilton drive differently. "We all know that these situations can bring out a different driving style and one that is not characteristic of a world champion, but it is at these times that we see the increased risk."

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