Ricciardo faces process: 'Took me ten races to score top five'

22-07-2021 16:48 | Updated: 22-07-2021 20:02
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Ricciardo faces process: 'Took me ten races to score top five'

Daniel Ricciardo was strong in his McLaren during the British Grand Prix. According to the Australian, this is mainly due to the pressure he had for laps from Carlos Sainz. That pressure made him go 'over the limit', which helped with his confidence in the car.

Pressure from Sainz on Ricciardo

"A lot of pressure from Carlos the whole race," Ricciardo is quoted as saying by RACER.com. Sainz attempted an overcut, but the pit stop the Spaniard made was far too slow, leaving McLaren driver in front of him on the track. "If you said I would hold him off for 25 laps, I am not sure I would’ve been convinced", Ricciardo continued.

"I was definitely ready for the fight. It is good because at the moment I’m still not completely 100% with the car and being aggressive with it. Having to defend forced me to drive a little over the limit at times and that helps with my confidence and feeling in the car," said Ricciardo.

Long process to get to know car

Despite the good result, Ricciardo remains realistic and knows there is still a long way to go before he feels completely confident in the car. "It is getting there — I’m creeping up on it. It is taken 10 races to get a top-five, so I’m aware that is still probably going to be a steady process."

Ricciardo is currently eighth in the championship with 50 points behind his name after ten races. He is currently the only driver in the drivers' championship in the top ten who has yet to score a podium finish in 2021.

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