Russell misses out on points again: 'Disappointing to go backwards'

22-07-2021 10:28 | Updated: 22-07-2021 11:55
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Russell misses out on points again: 'Disappointing to go backwards'

George Russell's eighth place in qualifying in Britain drew a standing ovation, but he was again forced to settle for a place outside the points in the race. According to the Brit, however, that's not such a bad thing.

Russell has impressed in qualifying this season. The Brit gets the most out of his Williams every time and was even eighth in England. In the race, however, Russell keeps falling back, meaning that the Briton has yet to score any points. He doesn't like this, but he can see why.

No points for Russell again

''It’s always a bit disappointing when we go backwards on a Sunday but ultimately it’s because we keep outqualifying the true pace of the car, and how we keep doing that I don’t know. To battle with Aston Martins, Alfa Romeos, AlphaTauris, even like a Red Bull today – it makes it so, so difficult'', Russell said at

In the race Russell is again passed by all those faster cars. ''We seem for whatever reason to have made a step forward but we are still on paper the ninth quickest team. So when you qualify in P8 for example and you’ve got eight faster cars behind you – and substantially faster in race trim – it makes it so tricky'', the Williams driver concludes.

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