Horner still angry: 'Hamilton compromised safety'

21-07-2021 17:28 | Updated: 21-07-2021 18:45
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Horner still angry: 'Hamilton compromised safety'

The days after the British Grand Prix have not yet calmed down the minds of Red Bull Racing. Even Christian Horner still doesn't have a good word to say about Lewis Hamilton's overtaking of Max Verstappen in the opening round at Silverstone.

Amateur mistake

At Motorsport-Total.com Horner expresses his frustration once again. "Sending a fellow driver to hospital with a car that is totalled, then getting such a mild penalty for that and still winning the Grand Prix, that doesn't feel like much of a penalty in my eyes," the Red Bull Racing team boss revealed. Verstappen was sent by helicopter to a local hospital after receiving a force of 51g on his body in his crash. The Dutchman was eventually allowed to leave the hospital in the evening.

According to Horner, the blame for the accident lies entirely with Hamilton. "From above you can clearly see that Lewis was off the ideal line because he had gone into the corner too quickly. This manoeuvre can never work. For a world champion with seven titles, that was an amateurish mistake."

Lucky that no one was seriously injured

"We were very, very lucky today that no one was seriously injured," Horner continued his accusations towards Hamilton. "Of course he compromised safety. "That's what irritates me most: the misjudgment and desperation in that manoeuvre. For a seven-time world champion to attempt such a desperate manoeuvre and send the other driver to hospital is the most disappointing thing for me."

Horner believes Hamilton's action stemmed from losing the sprint race on Saturday. "When he couldn't get past it on the Wellington straight, I think the result of the sprint race got to him. And with that background and all the fans here, he was motivated to the hilt. That's when he misjudged. Massively misjudged it."

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