Palmer compares with Rosberg: "I expect even more fireworks"

20-07-2021 17:55 | Updated: 20-07-2021 19:36
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Palmer compares with Rosberg: I expect even more fireworks

When Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen touched at Copse Corner, many fans were disappointed with the stewards response. The fact that Hamilton also won the race made it even worse for these fans, but the fact that the Briton celebrated his victory after the race as if he was already world champion made many people, including Max Verstappen, angry.


Jolyon Palmer says about this in his column at "I can understand the polarizing opinions after the incident. The impact on Max was enormous, and the effect on the championship at this stage almost as great. Red Bull's management understandably insisted on the heaviest possible penalty for their main opponent in a race where they really had nothing else to do, but the reality is that the incident did not justify that penalty."

Palmer jumps to the defence of his compatriot: "I've seen people compare this incident to the controversial incidents of Ayrton Senna at Suzuka, or Michael Schumacher at Jerez, but when the dust settles they should see that this is very different. This was undoubtedly a brave attempt by Hamilton, but it was not cynical."


As a result, the former Renault driver thinks public opinion would be different if Hamilton had also crashed out: "It's easy to forget that he was lucky to stay in the race himself after making contact at such a fast corner. If he had also ended up in the wall, I think a race incident would have been more obvious, but luck clearly played a part in him continuing, with the help of the subsequent red flag, to go on and then win. When Nico Rosberg and Hamilton first touched in their rivalry, it was the start of a succession of clashes and high tensions that lasted until Rosberg's retirement. Here, with different teams in play, I expect even more fireworks in the future."

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