Wolff: 'I never said that'

04-07-2021 07:19 | Updated: 04-07-2021 08:41
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Wolff: 'I never said that'

Earlier on it was revealed that Toto Wolff doesn't believe that this year's Mercedes will be further developed, but that they will instead focus entirely on next year's car. Many people were surprised about this because this way Red Bull Racing can run away with the title easier.

It is not really clear what is going on at Mercedes because in the team's Debrief engineer James Vowles said that there will be upgrades to the car. On Motorsport-Total.com Wolff's reaction is quoted, who was asked about this issue:

"You are misquoting me. I never said we won't bring any more upgrades," he insists. "I have said that we will stop development for 2021 to focus on 2022." But according to the team boss, this does not, therefore, mean that there will be no more new upgrades. "That is exactly what is happening," Wolff clarifies.

Mercedes will come up with more upgrades

According to Wolff, there will be no more major developments, but that doesn't mean the car's performance can't be improved. For example, Mercedes will introduce an upgrade at Silverstone that was planned long in advance. The upgrades will include more power and aerodynamic improvements.

"We will be ready quickly. There are no secret vans being transported anywhere and if you ask me for quotes, write them down well," Wolff said. It will be exciting next year to see what Mercedes have been working on all this time, but the battle for the title this year is certainly not over yet.

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